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Get Your Body Ready for the Holidays with a Detox! - Mind Body and Flow Chandler, Arizona

October is just around the corner. Stores have out their holiday wares. Schools are planning their holiday concerts and events. People are already thinking about their Halloween costumes, about making Thanksgiving plans, and about what they will give and receive at Christmas time.

One thing most of us don’t want to think about is the torturous routine we’re about to put our bodies through. For many of us, the holidays mean tons of chocolate and sweet breads, tons of turkey and ham, and enough alcohol for a lifetime.

We’d tell you to avoid these things, but we know that’s not going to happen, so instead we’re going to tell you how to prepare your body using simple at home detox remedies.
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  1. Drink enough water – Any toxins that your body does release while detoxifying need to be carried out of your body, and water is what your body uses to accomplish that task. So make sure you have plenty of it!
  2. Switch to green cleaning and laundry products – Many toxins are absorbed through the skin or through the air we breathe. By switching out your harsh chemical cleaners for gentler solutions, you won’t have so much to worry about.
  3. Cut one “bad” habit out of your diet – You don’t have to give up everything you love. But you should seriously consider giving up one or more of the following: sugar, caffeine, alcohol, etc.
  4. Get plenty of sunlight – You may not be a plant, but your body still wants sunlight. Make sure you step outside a little bit and experience the natural environment.
  5. Stretch – Lots of our body’s waste materials gather around and between the muscle tissue. Stretching is one way of breaking up those toxins so they can be released into the bloodstream and properly disposed of.

We hope you find these tips helpful!

If you’re in the mood for a deeper, professional grade detox regimen, you’ll love this luxurious combo we’ve put together for only $249.

  • 1 colon hydrotherapy session
  • 1 sauna session
  • 1 zen shiatsu massage session
  • 7 day Advance Naturals Rapid Detox regimen

To take advantage of this premium, decadent detox package simply reply to this email or call (480) 782-6566.

Do you have questions about detoxing or other things you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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