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Health Care or Disease Care: Which Would You Choose? - Mind Body and Flow Chandler, Arizona

 5 Questions to Ask Yourself and Why

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The new science of “health” care that has emerged in the 21st century is creating the opportunity to be successful in preventing and treating chronic diseases. In a successful therapeutic relationship, practitioner and patient work in partnership to create health rather than treat disease. To determine if your doctor is focused on health care or disease care, here are five questions you need to ask yourself:

• Does your doctor discuss your diet, activity patterns, work place environment, and stress patterns with you?
• Does your doctor do a comprehensive health history including all of your signs and symptoms?
• Does your doctor ask you whether your overall health has changed over the past year?
• Does your doctor discuss connections with you about how your various signs and symptoms might relate to a specific cause?
• Does your doctor discuss a personalized lifestyle medicine program for you?

Huffington post reference – “Healthy Living August 20, 2014”

b19objects227Lifestyle must be addressed with the dysfunctions plaguing society today, in order to control the underlying chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, thyroid disorders, Type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and numerous other illnesses including autoimmune disorders. Functional medicine really is the new healthcare model and may offer a better choice of care that can prevent or reverse these illnesses.

These 5 questions may help prevent you bringing a challenging chronic health concern to an acute healthcare facility only to receive acute care medications that only address change to symptoms rather than the real underlying problem.

Addressing lifestyle must include:
• Nutrition
• Detoxification
• Hormone Balance (Endocrine)
• Exercise
• Nervous System.

These five topics are the core to your true health state.

Dr. Jim Handzel

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Our mission at Mind Body and Flow is simply to help our clients achieve and maintain the highest quality of life by providing the most individualized and professional holistic care available.

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With a clinical eye for assessing, treating, and tracking your progress, we take careful notes, supply you with related resources and information, provide you with a recommended plan, and help you to follow up on your goals, for lasting results.

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