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Detoxification - Understanding for You - Mind Body and Flow Chandler, Arizona

What is detoxification? Definition: de•tox•i•fi•ca•tion (dē-tŏk′sə-fĭ-kā′shən) n. 1. The process of detoxifying. 2. The state or condition of being detoxified. 3. Physiology – The metabolic process by which the toxic qualities of a poison or toxin are reduced by the body. There are many people that want to bash the idea of detoxing and the benefits of it. In addition there is a significant amount of content that is published that is not researched or validated and has no scientific support or research behind it. From a health perspective, every individual is different yes, however the mechanics of how a body works, processes nutrients and other foods it intakes has been studied and determine to be relatively the same for most unless there is a disease or other health challenge impeding the normal process. The reason for the clarification is that when individuals make a general statement that something is bad or doesn’t work and there is no substantiating evidence provided to state why, then that should Baby greens and tomatoesimmediately peak your interest to learn more and find out the facts for yourself.

While it’s nice to claim that solutions exist to solve all problems or that there are products out there that can make miraculous improvements to one’s health, the truth is, it is more important to understand the status of your health through proven tests, programs and to utilize products, professionals and progress reporting that measures and validates based on facts. Often individuals don’t have time to do all the research that is required to find the best programs or solutions that they need to meet their health needs. Organizations such as Mind Body and Flow are designed to provide and offer services and programs that they have already researched and tested themselves and have a history of usage that warrants them supporting and providing. One way to verify this is to stop in or call and make an appointment to have an open discussion about the programs, products, and services that are offered.

imagesThis dialogue started off highlighting detoxification and the reason for this is that there are many that still have a misunderstanding of when and why detoxification plays a part in one’s overall health. Like the definition mentions, detoxifying deals with the metabolic process which the body reduces toxins. Toxins in our body can come from multiple sources – what we eat, what we breathe, or what we drink. In most cases unless you have studies every label for every food, medicine, or drink you have taken, you don’t know the majority of what your body has processed unless it was raw and natural foods that didn’t come from a store. The truth is that toxins exist in more than we would like to admit or have an awareness of. When individuals are considering their health and what challenges they have, in most cases they are in a state where they have been consuming the same things over and over. If the intake of foods and drinks have not been raw and natural or comprised of naturally organic foods, then the likelihood of the individual of having toxins in the body is high.

At this point to help make a change in one’s body make up then you have to make a change to what you are eating and doing to the body. This is when detoxification comes into play. Through detoxification, you are making a concerted effort to focus on and to intake foods and drinks that will cleanse the body and help to remove the toxic elements that have gone into your body. Now if you were to try to figure out the best detoxification process on your own, it would probably take years to have a good understanding of how the body works and then compare it to how your body works and then determine the best waylogo2 to create an effective detox. The proposal here is that instead of learning everything there is to know about detoxification, why not talk the professional resources at Mind Body and Flow and have them work with you to complete a health assessment that has science behind it that identifies areas that could be improved. Once the assessment is completed they can make recommendations to help change or improve what you are doing so you can obtain the healthy lifestyle you are looking for. They have access to information, resources, tools, and product solutions that have been validated and will address many areas including detoxification which will help you start off in the right direction to getting healthier. Find out for yourself and just set up an appointment NOW. What are you waiting for?

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