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Clean Living With 28 Days To Health - Mind Body and Flow Chandler, Arizona

We are all TOXIC, and that’s a fact. Our daily exposure to environmental and chemical toxins and common medications taxes our bodies and hampers our health. Many of the foods we eat, our daily eating routine, and even how we think about food contribute to problems such as weight gain, lower energy levels, and illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol. With many conflicting messages about detoxification and healthy eating, the question becomes how do you lower that toxic burden on your body safely and effectively? How do you maintain new healthy lifestyle practices for yourself and your family? The answer is simple: clean eating and clean living with the 28 DAYS TO HEALTH™ Clean Eating, Clean Living Solution™.


[box type=”shadow”] What do you mean by clean eating and clean living?

Clean eating and clean living means eliminating foods, environmental toxins and habits that are compromising to your health.  Foods containing gluten, soy and dairy are major culprits in food sensitivities, allergies and inflammation of the body.  Alcohol and caffeine consumption, smoking, insufficient restful sleep, lack of exercise, “emotional eating” and poor eating habits in general are all underlying contributors to developing diseases of lifestyle (i.e. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc.)[/box]


While this may seem easier said than done, 28 DAYS TO HEALTH™ empowers you to change your lifestyle and achieve sustainable results with Gluten, Soy, and Dairy-Free products.  We chose to offer this four-week program at Mind, Body and Flow because it provides our clients with a roadmap and recipes for adopting a gluten, soy, and dairy-free lifestyle. It is simple, logical, and easy to follow. It does not include any calorie counting or deprivation. Thousands of people, just like you, have regained their health by implementing this Clean Eating, Clean Living Solution™. You can choose how much of the lifestyle you are ready to adopt.

It is an easy program to implement and detoxification symptoms such as fatigue, hunger and cravings are minimized with the 28 DAYS TO HEALTH™ Clean Eating, Clean Living Solution™. You will look and feel better as your body mobilizes and removes unwanted toxins while gradually reducing fat storage. To sustain your renewed health and vitality after completing your 28 Days program, we at Mind, Body and Flow focus on educating and empowering you to continue to make good choices.  Combined with our other services such as colon hydrotherapy, Zen Shiatsu therapy and infrared services, you can maximize your clean living efforts while receiving all the support you need to stick with it!

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Our mission at Mind Body and Flow is simply to help our clients achieve and maintain the highest quality of life by providing the most individualized and professional holistic care available.

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With a clinical eye for assessing, treating, and tracking your progress, we take careful notes, supply you with related resources and information, provide you with a recommended plan, and help you to follow up on your goals, for lasting results.

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